Holistic therapy approaches for every age

Rehab – individually designed for your needs

St. Mauritius Therapieklinik in Meerbusch, near Düsseldorf, offers in-patient therapy and rehabilitation in close proximity to home—in Germany’s largest metropolitan region. The range of therapy we offer is tailored entirely for the different needs of various age groups—from small children to older people.

Well-being as the most important foundation

The success of therapy or rehabilitation is made much easier by a pleasant clinical ambiance. This is the aim of our attractive and humane clinic architecture, offering a suitable environment for the various age groups.

Add to that our gentle, holistic treatment of our patients. Entirely in the spirit of our Christian traditions, maintained as a Catholic institution. That also includes the active integration of pastoral care within our therapeutic team.

The clinics at St. Mauritius Therapieklinik:

Quick route to health within the Group

In the Düsseldorf Catholic Hospital Group (Verbund Katholischer Kliniken Düsseldorf - VKKD) we give everything for your health, using bundled capacity and interdisciplinary cooperation. In cooperation with five acute care hospitals, a rehabilitation clinic and the Haus Katharina Labouré geriatric nursing home, we belong to one of the strongest suppliers of healthcare services in Greater Düsseldorf. We employ a staff of more than 2,700 people.      

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