Early start, intensive treatment, lasting effect

Rehabilitation medicine at St. Mauritius Therapieklinik

For the best rehabilitation that can be realised nowadays, we focus on starting therapy as early as possible, intense training and lasting strategies.

  • St. Mauritius Therapieklinik has a medical standard that can be compared to that of high-performance acute hospitals: experienced medical specialists, monitoring stations and an extensive machine-aided diagnosis spectrum, including magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Our large multi-professional rehabilitation team includes physicians, functional therapists and nursing staff. We apply evidence-based, specific and intensity-maximised therapy methods adapted to the degree of recovery and integrate state-of-the-art rehabilitation technology.
  • Thanks to our non-profit legal status and our independence of private economic interests, our entire proceeds are applied for patient care.
  • Amongst others, we cooperate with other health care players in Germany and abroad, have permanently integrated advanced training of our employees, and continue to develop rehabilitation medicine at Mauritius Klinik through active research.