Enhancing mobility with modern means

Therapies and aids

Walking training with the treadmill

Treadmill training with body-weight support is a well-proven method to increase ambulatory ability. Electric stimulation and the use of therapy robots can help patients with severe paralysis to create the preconditions for voluntary movement.

We accompany the patients during rehabilitation and help them to reach their objectives. Close cooperation with physicians, families and nursing staff enables us to react quickly and flexibly to the patients’ changing motor-functional status and adapt the therapy accordingly.

Comprehensive consulting on the different kinds of aids

We inform and advise patients and their families. Our physical therapists and ergotherapists offer information on the different kinds of aids that are available and recommended. Together with the patients and their families, physician, orthopaedic technician and rehab consultants, we help select, fit, test and use adequate aids – from dressing aids to wheelchairs, climbing aids, prostheses and ortheses. In addition to clinical value we look for efficiency and effectiveness of the individual aids.