Head of Nursing Care

Ulrich Pechel

Strümper Strasse 111
40670 Meerbusch

Telephone +49 (0) 21 59 679 - 50 14
Telefax +49 (0) 21 59 679 - 15 56



We care for independence

Maintaining, adapting and re-acquiring skills

Our vision of care focuses on patient independence – and our mission of care focuses on the patient: We are here for our patients and their families. We help patients to solve their problems as long as they need our support. That also means that we aim to help the patient to become as independent as possible.

Our care team offers support to maintain, adapt or re-acquire physical, psychological or social skills, including a wide range of measures to regain independence. Our role is to serve as the patient’s advocate and counsel – thus we contribute substantially to the overall rehabilitation objective.