Head of Speech and Language Therapy

Dipl. Patholinguistin


Strümper Straße 111
40670 Meerbusch

Telephone +49 (0) 21 59 679 - 50 46
Telefax     +49 (0) 21 59 679 - 15 53


Speech therapy

The team of the speech and language therapy department is made up of experts from different relevant fields such as clinical linguistics and logopaedics. We treat aphaysia, non-aphasic central speech disorders, speech apraxia, dysarthria and dysphagia (swallowing disorder). To meet the specific needs of the patients in our paediatric neurology, neurology and geriatrics clinics we use dedicated diagnostic procedures and develop individual therapies. 

Speech and language therapy

  • Speech, voice and swallowing therapy
  • Targeted diagnostics of all disorders
  • Instrument-based diagnostics of speech/voice disorders
  • Münchner Verständlichkeitsprofil (in German only)
  • Individual speech therapy tailored to the different phases of rehabilitation
  • Communication training
  • Group therapies for aphasia, acalculia and dysarthria
  • Consulting/counselling services for family members
  • Computer-aided speech and voice training
  • Training programme for non-aphasic central speech disorders
  • Specific dysarthria training for patient with Parkinson’s disease
  • Bio-feedback therapy for dysarthria, apraxia of speech and dysphagia
  • Fitting of individual communication aids
  • Soft palate prosthesis
  • Functional dysphagia therapy (FDT)
  • Tracheal cannula management, cannula weaning programmes
  •  Dysphagia diets