Target therapies and support

We know that our population is ageing – but at the same time more older people than ever before enjoy good health.

Nevertheless, many older people notice and experience increasing impairment of mobility and independence due to age-related degenerative processes or acute illness. Today, even very old people benefit from improved therapy options and in particular from modern anaesthesia and surgical procedures. Like any other patient they have to be remobilized after surgery and have to be prepared for their every-day life after rehab – and quite frequently, their home and surroundings have to be remodelled to accommodate them.

Geriatric medicine focuses on age-related diseases and disorders and offers therapy concepts that are designed to meet the specific needs of older people. The “typical” geriatric patient is over 70 years of age and suffers from multi-morbidity, i.e. several related disorders that affect several organs at the same time.