Diseases of the central nervous system (CNS)

The clinic for neurology at St. Mauritius Therapieklinik

Neurology patients suffer from damages to the central or peripheral nervous system. The team at our hospital primarily treats patients with diseases of the central nervous system, i.e. brain or spine. Damages to the brain are most frequently caused by strokes, cerebral haemorrhages, intracranial injuries or other so-called inflammatory or degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s diseases. Paraplegia, a damaged spine, is often caused by accidents. Our team, however, also treats many patients with rare diseases.


Most of our patients are referred to us by their acute care hospital.

While in our early rehabilitation department we provide intensive rehabilitation care (rehab phase B) for severely ill patients, we also offer advanced rehab care (rehab phase C and D) for patients with less severe diseases and for patients who can perform some or even all routine activities of every-day life without major help.