Music as therapy

Motor improvements

Music therapy helps the patient in a “playful” way to realize motor improvements (e.g. changes in muscle tonus, rhythmic movements, extension of the range of movement), speech improvements (e.g. control of breathing, use of voice, initiation of speech, speech flow) as well as cognitive improvements (e.g. concentration, stamina, orientation).

In early rehabilitation, music with all its multi-sensory features is used to stimulate all senses in turn, allowing the exploration of complex options to initiate and integrate awareness, perception and communication.


Music therapy – our services

  • Individual therapies
  • Coping with illness/disorders
  • Rhythmic-acoustic stimulation RAS
  • Emotion group
  • Cognition group
  • Singing therapy
  • Parent-child group
  • „Music project“ for adolescents
  • Group therapies for severely affected patients